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Can Advertisers Drive Double-Digit Reach Growth With No Additional Spend

By October 14, 2022October 20th, 2022No Comments


Ad agencies are always looking to maximize their reach to the most diverse audiences possible. But how do you maximize your campaign’s effectiveness across multiple markets and channels without creating a lot of overlap and waste?

Historically, TV and digital operations have been siloed and execute their own plans. In this case study, however, you’ll learn how this agency leveraged Cross Screen Media’s planning platform, ScreenSolve®, to generate a unified video ad plan that maximized viewable impressions while minimizing waste across broadcast, cable TV, digital, and CTV.

In This Case Study, You’ll Learn:

  • How ScreenSolve empowered the agency to launch a campaign in the same day.
  • How a shift of linear TV spend to digital drove a 38% lower cost per impression.
  • How to leave no audience behind by targeting more than just a TV or digital-only plan.