Meet the Team

Michael Beach

Chief Executive Officer

Pete Sheridan

Chief Technology Officer

Jackie Vanover

Chief Product Officer

David Gulugian-Taylor

VP, Operations

Dan Schreff

VP, Marketing

Chauncey Southworth

VP, Customer Strategy

Son Sheridan

Executive Assistant

Amelia Biancamano

Director, Advertising Operations

David Erinle

Marketing Manager

Mike Levenson

Account Executive, Sales

Scott Rutt

Content Marketing Manager

Bryan Arnold

Principal Data Scientist

Mia Ballan

Product Marketing Manager

Rusty Dees

VP, Sales

Steven Fitzwilliam

VP, Customer Success - ScreenSolve

Emily Trombitas

Director, Customer Success - ScreenLift

Chris Gulugian-Taylor

VP, US Sales

Alex Hitchcock

Product Manager

Tyler Oyler

VP, Public Affairs

Jonathan Poeder

Director, Data Science

Andrei Shulgach

Lead Product Designer

Gigi Smith

Executive Assistant

Amber Achenbach

Manager, Advertising Operations

Reese Anderson

Coordinator, Advertising Operations

Katherine Canan

Manager, Customer Success - ScreenLift

Jack Cruse

Customer Success Coordinator

Allison Ingram

Coordinator, Advertising Operations

Kate Maescher

Coordinator, Customer Success

Juliet Perrier

Manager, Customer Success - ScreenSolve

Nina Pikula

Lead Data Scientist

Chaitanya Sathi

Sr Machine Learning Engineer

Javed Shaik

Data Analyst

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