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What We Do

We deliver premium CTV activation powered by cross-screen measurement and planning technology that optimizes every buy.

Get the Answers that Matter

We answer all of the toughest CTV advertising questions and take the guesswork out of local targeting, planning, activation and measurement for cross-screen success.

Who is my audience and where can I reach them?

Audience Targeting

We use advanced audience modeling and consumption data to target your audience no matter where they are consuming video.

Data-Driven Precision

Our proprietary targeting software lets us build the ideal audiences for your campaigns.

Multiple Data Partners

Access data from dozens of inventory partners to ensure you target exactly who you need to reach.

60,000+ Segments

Our library of pre-built audience segments lets you quickly test multiple targeting scenarios.
target viewership on ctv and linear
optimized spend graph

What’s the optimal media mix for my campaign?

Cross-Screen Planning

Our planning tools can run multiple scenarios across local markets to ensure you get the most impact from your budget.

Scenario-Based Planning

Build multiple scenarios and give your clients the best options to achieve their goals.

Optimize Budgets

Plan across screens to find the optimal budget for both linear and CTV.

Built for Local Markets

Our targeting and planning tools are built to maximize local campaign impact.

How do I scale my CTV activation to meet demand?

Scalable CTV Activation

We’ve got the scale and expertise you need to activate, monitor and optimize your campaigns in real time.

Fast Execution

We can launch new campaigns on multiple DSPs in as little as 24 hours.

Seamless Integration

We integrate with your workflow so you can scale up or down as needed.

Real-time Optimization

Our dedicated team monitors campaigns to optimize reach and frequency in real-time.

How do I prove my results to new and existing clients?

Measurement & Analytics

Our measurement and analytics help you win new business and prove your value at the conclusion of your campaigns.

Competitive Analysis

Show your clients where the competition is spending and where the opportunities lie.

Drive Incremental Reach

Use our dashboards and reports to discover opportunities to expand reach.

White-Label Reports

Make our insights your own with white-labeled reports and dashboards.

What customers are saying

“Cross Screen Media's ability to navigate the ever-evolving media landscape is truly impressive. They are consistently ahead of industry trends to ensure our media plans are not only effective but also innovative.”

Christine Locke, SVP Sales & Operations, CTV Media, Inc.

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