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The Winning CTV Solution

for Political Ad Campaigns

Reach More Voters, Win More Budget

Everything You Need

to Drive Exceptional Reach

We have over a decade of experience planning, activating, and optimizing political advertising campaigns across linear and digital channels. Our team members have worked on elections at every level of politics from local to presidential, contributing to some of the most groundbreaking campaigns in the country.

We pride ourselves on working at the speed of politics with fast turnaround times and efficient spend allocations to help agency clients win more business, more budget, and drive incremental reach.

Political Advertising Expertise


In Video Ad Spend


Ad Campaigns


Agency Accounts

What We Offer

Precision Targeting

We help you find the hard-to-reach voters that can’t be targeted effectively on broadcast or cable and we deliver your message to them with the most efficient CTV buy.

Optimized Reach & Frequency

Maximize reach and eliminate over-saturation with our scalable CTV activation that leverages ACR data to target underserved audience segments.

Measurement & Analytics

Show your clients their reach and exposure frequency for every campaign, across channels, and the results of their opponent’s TV buys, to determine the optimal allocation for upcoming spend.

“CSM is the unquestioned leader of targeting at the hyper-local level. They’ve been in political for over a decade and their managed service reflects a deep understanding of our agency's goals.”

Principal, DC Political Agency

Case Study

Staying Ahead of the Opposition
and In Front of Voters

Cross Screen Media helped a large political ad agency dramatically expand reach across multiple local markets by refocusing their cable TV spend and adding CTV. The original campaign allocated 75% of their budget to broadcast and 25% to cable, with all of the cable budget going to just one cable news network.

By utilizing our audience consumption habits data and our wide range of inventory partners, we were able to offer a deeper cable buy and added CTV to dramatically improve the campaign’s effectiveness.


Incremental Linear TV Reach

Using audience consumption data and our cross-screen planning software, the agency boosted linear TV reach by 10% by adding six networks to the campaign’s cable buy.


Incremental CTV Reach

Cross Screen Media then boosted incremental reach by an additional 11% through identifying targets better reached on CTV and re-allocating budget at the hyperlocal level to reach them on CTV channels.

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