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Winning New Clients The Easy Way

By February 9, 2023February 17th, 2023No Comments


Winning New Clients The Easy Way

The “secret sauce” of winning new business probably isn’t what you’d think. In this article, we’re sharing what we’ve learned after helping our agency clients use our ScreenSolve planning tool to create hundreds of winning pitches.

February 10, 2023

Every agency knows that landing new clients comes down to one thing… trust. Prove to your prospect that you can deliver the results they need, and congratulations, you’re the right firm for the job! The key question, then, is how best to build that trust?

It turns out the “secret sauce” of winning trust probably isn’t what you’d think. In this article, we’re sharing what we’ve learned after helping our agency clients use our ScreenSolve planning tool to create hundreds of winning pitches. 

Creative Meets Data Science

There are a lot of ingredients that go into a winning pitch, but if you’re like most agencies, you probably focus on what you do best: building unique campaigns, creative and messaging that shows your firm is different from all those “other guys”. Being creative is probably why you got into this business in the first place, so it only makes sense that you’d focus your attention on the creative side of your pitch. 

But a creative-heavy pitch only takes you so far in today’s competitive world. Prospects not only want to know what you’re going to do, they also need to know how you’re going to do it. The biggest opportunity for agencies to differentiate themselves is to show the data that proves you truly understand the prospect’s audience. Sadly, this is often what’s missing from most pitch decks. 

Defining audience segments and understanding their viewing habits has traditionally been a daunting task, especially at the local level. The amount of data that’s available and the number of networks and streaming providers that are out there can be overwhelming. That’s why most agencies skew either linear or digital. Building capable, cross-screen media plans that span broadcast, cable, CTV and digital video has historically been a ton of work requiring multiple skill sets. 

A detailed market-by-market breakdown of a target audience showing differing CPMs and eCPMs.

In order to take your pitch to the next level, you must show that you know exactly who the audience is and where they’re consuming media at the local level. By using localized consumption and rate data, you can add a whole other level of expertise and differentiation to your presentations. This is where tools like ScreenSolve are changing the game.

By “looking under the hood” and showing your prospect their true audience metrics, you not only build trust, your presentation suddenly becomes a lot more than just messaging, it becomes a solid, cross-channel plan of action. 

A detailed audience analysis including screen preferences which indicate this audience prefers digital and CTV, while broadcast, and especially cable TV, are far below average. 

Building Trust

Being able to confidently answer the question, “What is the best media mix for this campaign?” is the quickest way to build trust with prospects. The question is whether you can answer with just assumptions or present a comprehensive, cross-screen activation plan backed with real data. 

Firms that specialize in either digital or broadcast tend to shy away from talking about channels that aren’t their specialty. But with ScreenSolve, you can present a complete, cross-screen plan and earn a lot of respect in the process. 

5 Elements of a Successful Pitch:

  • A clear and compelling message
  • A strong and relatable call to action
  • Attention-grabbing visuals
  • A well-defined target audience
  • A plan to maximize impact across all channels

A budget proposal that shows exactly where spend is being allocated and the incremental reach a cross-screen campaign can provide.

Prospects are increasingly growing wary of agencies that pitch only part of the story and gloss over key elements like audience metrics and cross-screen reach. But with ScreenSolve you can pitch the entire media landscape, including broadcast, cable, CTV and digital, even if some of those areas aren’t your specialty. Better still, ScreenSolve makes it easy for agencies to defend their positions and assumptions with hard data, putting prospects’ minds at ease.

Time Savings Multiplier

Let’s face it, building a great pitch takes a lot of time and resources. Between the research and the presentation building, you can pour a lot of effort into a pitch that ultimately, you might not even win. That’s why it’s crucial to be as efficient as possible, especially if you’re a small team with limited resources. 

By using ScreenSolve, our customers have told us they can save up to five hours per pitch. Not only does ScreenSolve allow them to build audiences and media plans in record time, the outputs of those plans can often be dropped directly into their pitch decks, saving even more time. Creating multiple plans and scenarios, and even last minute tweaks and changes, aren’t a problem when using ScreenSolve. 

When It Comes Down To Money

“We’ve seen a 20% revenue boost since we started
using Cross Screen Media in all of our pitches.”

– Agency Principal

ScreenSolve lets agencies make money and save money at the same time. Our customers have seen revenue increase, simply by adding Cross Screen Media to their pitches. With ScreenSolve, you can generate more pitches without needing to hire more staff. No matter how you slice it, ScreenSolve is a valuable tool that lets your agency present better pitches and a lot more often. 

Show prospects exactly where their ad spend is going and where the most cost-effective incremental reach can be found. 


What your prospects are looking for most is the peace of mind that your firm will deliver on your promises. ScreenSolve gives them peace of mind by turning your presentations into a lot more than just great creative. Everyone has creative ideas, and creative ideas are great, but creative ideas with a data-driven activation plan are even better. With ScreenSolve, your firm will have everything it needs to take your pitches to the next level. 

ScreenSolve allows you to quickly build audiences, test scenarios, defend your positions, and show prospects that you truly understand their target audience better than anyone. And, ScreenSolve does all of this while saving you both time and money, turbocharging your existing team by allowing them to maximize their efficiency so they can get back to the tasks they love the most.

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