The cross-screen consumer is here.
Your media planning needs to keep up.

Our Convergent TV platform creates a common currency across linear TV, digital, and CTV/OTT views so video ad buyers can build a single optimized plan and sellers can prove the value of their inventory.

Make Convergent TV Work For You

Break down the silos. Drive the highest returns with the best inventory across every screen.

Optimize Your Reach

Media consumption insights let you reach the right audience, with the right frequency, no matter where they watch.

Connect With Your True Audience

Reach the consumers you actually want across linear, digital, and CTV/OTT through custom data-driven audience targeting.

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For Sellers

Your video inventory offers better value than your competition.
But can you prove it to your customers? We can.

Learn how we help networks sell more inventory at better rates.

For Buyers

Your audience consumes media across screens effortlessly.
Shouldn’t your media planning be just as easy?

Learn how we help agencies
and brands drive more views.


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