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State of the Screens

The Great Race to Rule Streaming TV

By July 18, 2019No Comments

Worth the time: Both this piece from the New York Times and REDEF are great deep dives on the streaming video space.

The bottom line: The force driving premium video content is similar to social media – the pursuit and monetization of our attention.

The end game and business models for each player will continue to look different.

Old question: Does this show deserve a primetime spot?

New question: Will this show drive subscriptions?

Interesting point: We spend significant time talking about the number of paid streaming subscriptions that people will sign up for, but very little talking about content discovery in a world of near-limitless choice.

Time spent making a content selection before abandoning according to Nielsen:
18+ – 7.4 minutes
2) 18-34 – 9.4 minutes
3) 35-54 – 8.4 minutes
4) 50+ – 5 minutes

Top methods for discovering streaming video content:
1) 58% 
tune in to favorite channels
2) 44% scan through channels
3) 39% check descriptions from the guide/menu
4) 33% browse menus of various services
5) 26% use recommendations

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Michael Beach

Michael Beach is the Chief Executive Officer of Cross Screen Media, a media analytics and software company that enables marketers to plan, activate, and measure CTV and linear TV at the local level. Michael is also the founder and editor of State of the Screens, a weekly newsletter focused on video advertising that is a must-read for thought leaders in the advertising industry. He has appeared in such publications as PBS Frontline, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Axios, CNBC and Bloomberg, and on NPR’s Planet Money podcast.