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Netflix Forgoes Wide Release for Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ 

By September 5, 2019No Comments

Speaking of the future of movies: Major theatre owners and Netflix have not yet reached terms on an exclusive release window for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming film ‘The Irishman.’

Release dates for The Irishman:
1) Theatres – November 1st
2) Streaming – November 27th

What theatre owners want: A significant amount of time (90 days, etc.) where films are only available in theatres.

What Netflix wants: Major film releases on its platform that will drive subscription retention/growth.

What consumers want: Better choices at a lower cost 🙂

Interesting: 95% of movies stop earning their keep at the 42-day mark.

Cost comparison:
One pair of movie tickets – $18
One month of Netflix – $13

The exclusive window for theatre owners w/ recent Netflix films (days):
1) The Irishman – 26
Rona – 21
Birdbox – 7

Upcoming movie releases from Netflix w/ estimated cost:
1) Red Notice – $200M
6 Undergrounds – $170M
The Irishman – $150M

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Michael Beach

Michael Beach

Michael Beach is the Chief Executive Officer of Cross Screen Media, a media analytics and software company that enables marketers to plan, activate, and measure CTV and linear TV at the local level. Michael is also the founder and editor of State of the Screens, a weekly newsletter focused on video advertising that is a must-read for thought leaders in the advertising industry. He has appeared in such publications as PBS Frontline, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Axios, CNBC and Bloomberg, and on NPR’s Planet Money podcast.

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