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Can Ted Lasso Make Audiences Believe…in Apple TV+?

By September 2, 2021No Comments



Big news: Ted Lasso is back for a much anticipated second season. Parrot Analytics estimates that viewership for the premier was 20X greater than the first season.


Why this matters: You need great content if you are going to earn viewers’ attention. Ted Lasso is excellent content and already renewed for a third (and possibly final) season.

Dive deep: What Does Apple TV+ Mean for Convergent TV?

FYI: Another great show on Apple TV+ is For All Mankind which received a thumbs up from both Brandon Katz and Mrs. Screens!

Video: For All Mankind — Season 2 Trailer | Apple TV+


Share of demand for streaming originals according to Parrot Analytics:
1) Netflix – 48%
2) Prime Video – 13%
3) Disney+ – 7%
4) Hulu – 6%
5) Apple TV+ – 5%
6) HBO Max – 5%
7) Paramount+ – 3%
8) Other – 13%


Self-reported usage of major video streaming services according to YouGov:
1) Netflix – 51%
2) Prime Video – 33%
3) Hulu – 32%
4) Disney+ – 25%
5) HBO Max – 21%
6) Apple TV+ – 10%


Interesting: The Apple TV+ logo has begun appearing on various Roku remotes. This appears to be the first time that Apple has ever put its branding on a competitor’s hardware.



Quote from Rich Greenfield – General Partner @ LightShed Partners:

“Nobody ever would have expected this.  The thought that Apple, rather than create a device that’s going to replace Roku is now buying a button next to Netflix or next to Disney+ just shows you that as they get into the content business, they need to be everywhere.”

Flashback: Streaming Wars Moving Upstream

Quick math on revenue from branded streaming service buttons:
1) 60M streaming devices sold in 2020
2) ≈ 4 streaming buttons per remote
3) ≈ $1 per button for each device sold
4) $240M in revenue


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Michael Beach

Michael Beach

Michael Beach is the Chief Executive Officer of Cross Screen Media, a media analytics and software company that enables marketers to plan, activate, and measure CTV and linear TV at the local level. Michael is also the founder and editor of State of the Screens, a weekly newsletter focused on video advertising that is a must-read for thought leaders in the advertising industry. He has appeared in such publications as PBS Frontline, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Axios, CNBC and Bloomberg, and on NPR’s Planet Money podcast.

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