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AT&T’s Hollywood Story Comes To An End

By May 27, 2021No Comments

Hollywood Warner Brothers

Big news: WarnerMedia and Discovery are merging to take on Netflix/Disney.

Why this matters: This is a major retreat for AT&T 3-years after acquiring WarnerMedia.

Quote from Peter Kafka – Senior Correspondent @ Recode:

“But first, let’s take a second to marvel at the things you can do if you run a really big, really valuable phone company: You can tell the world that the future of your business involves combining your business — selling subscriptions to broadband and wireless phone service — with someone else’s media business, and spend tens of billions of dollars doing that. And then you can announce, with a shrug, that you’ve changed your mind.”

Worth the time: The New York Times has the tick-tock on how this deal went from emoji-filled text messages to a $100B+ merger.

Big question #1: Why are they doing this?

Quick answer: Scale.

Market capitalization according to Bloomberg:
1) Apple – $2.1T
2) Amazon – $1.7T
3) Google – $1.6T
4) Disney – $309B
5) Comcast – $255B

Meet the Buyers and Sellers

2020 revenue and operating profit according to The Information:
WarnerMedia – $30.4B → $8.2B
2) Discovery – $10.7B → $2.5B

The arms race for eyeballs

2021 estimated content spend according to Evolution Media Capital:
1) Disney – $25B
2) WarnerMedia/Discovery – $20B
3) NBCUniversal – $18B
4) Netflix – $17B
5) ViacomCBS – $15B

Warner Media - Discover MErger Provides Necesarry Scale To Complete In The Streaming Wars

Share of U.S. premium SVOD subscriptions according to Antenna:
1) Disney – 40%
2) Netflix – 28%
3) WarnerMedia/Discovery – 13%
4) ViacomCBS – 11%
5) Starz – 5%

Premium SVOD Share of Subscriptions

Big question #2: How will WarnerMedia/Discovery’s ownership be structured?

Ownership structure for WarnerMedia/Discovery:
1) AT&T – 71%
2) Discovery – 29%

Big question #3: What is the subscriber overlap between HBO Max and Discovery+?

Current U.S. subscriber overlap for HBO Max and Discovery+ according to the Maru Group:
1) Only HBO Max – 14%
2) Only Discovery+ – 7%
3) Both – 5%

Current US Subscriber Overlap for HBO Max and Discovery Plus

Video: Barry Diller: AT&T is making ‘the great escape’ with Discovery deal

Barry Diller on Streaming


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