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Why Outsource Your CTV Activation

By July 19, 2023No Comments


Why Outsource Your CTV Activation?

How mid-size agencies can quickly solve the CTV puzzle

July 17, 2023

If you’re a small to mid-sized agency, you’ve probably come to two conclusions about CTV advertising. 

  1. You can’t ignore it.
  2. It’s harder than it looks. 

Audiences are increasingly moving to cross-screen viewing and your clients expect to see at least some CTV in their campaigns. But every aspect of CTV, from planning to activating to measurement, seems like it’s only getting more complicated, and costly, by the day, which makes exceeding expectations tricky. 

In this article, we’ll identify the four biggest challenges you may be facing with your in-house CTV activation workflows, and then introduce you to Cross Screen Media’s CTV Activation Bundle, built to greatly simplify your CTV workflows, boost your bottom line, and grow your business in a big way. 

The Four Biggest CTV Challenges Facing Agencies

1. Consumers’ attention is fragmented across linear, digital and CTV

According to the latest industry estimates, consumer attention is now almost evenly split amongst broadcast, cable and CTV, with CTV continuing to gain ground every quarter. With traditional video advertising becoming less effective, CTV should not only be in the mix, it should be the first place agencies look to effectively reach their audience. 

2. Media buying is still siloed between linear & digital channels

Old habits die hard, especially in the advertising world. Many agencies still find their operations siloed between linear and digital, with CTV buying stuck somewhere in the middle. In order to build effective cross-screen campaigns, however, the linear and digital sides of your business need to speak the same language so you can plan across channels using a common currency. 

3. Budget allocations don’t accurately reflect today’s video consumption habits

Your audience has moved to CTV –  but has your budget? Whether due to client perceptions, time constraints or a lack of unified workflows, most agencies still aren’t buying as much CTV as their goals require. With so many DSPs, networks, channels and shows to choose from, it costs a fortune to access it all. 

4. Measuring video across linear, digital video, and CTV seems impossible

Agencies often struggle to justify CTV spending due to a lack of measurement, especially in cross screen campaigns.  What they really need is a unified way to show clients not only how well their CTV campaigns are performing, but also how those campaigns compare to other channels. How much additional reach was CTV able to generate? Did CTV provide a boost in frequency? Were your initial assumptions proven correct? All of these questions can be answered, but only with the right CTV partner. 

The Cross Screen Media Difference

Cross Screen Media is a lot more than just a service or technology stack. We’re your CTV partner and can provide your agency with world-class CTV activation that includes targeting, planning and measurement software built in at no extra charge. We make CTV easier and more cost effective for dozens of agencies just like yours by solving all of your CTV challenges.

1. Data-driven audience targeting

Cross Screen Media’s audience targeting tools offer more than 60,000 pre-built audience segments that can be customized to fit your client’s exact needs. And, unlike third-party audience tools, audiences built with Cross Screen Media fit seamlessly into our planning, activation and measurement solutions. 

2. Cross-screen planning

Cross Screen Media’s planning tools let agencies quickly build holistic campaigns across channels that allow clients to see exactly where their audience can be reached.

3. Audience-based budget allocation

What’s the optimal cross-screen budget for your audience? Cross Screen Media’s planning tools allow you run multiple scenarios and present your clients with options to fit their campaign goals.

4. Holistic Cross-Platform measurement

Cross Screen Media can measure not only your CTV spend, but also your linear channels too, offering unified analytics and reporting on a single dashboard for your entire campaign. We can even compare current campaigns to past campaigns and even competitors’ campaigns so your clients will know exactly what you were able to achieve for them.

5. CTV Optimization Expertise

Cross Screen Media’s CTV team has decades of combined experience and can optimize your campaign at every step of the process, from targeting and planning, through activation, all the way to in-flight optimizations. After your campaign has finished, we can even help you make sense of the post-flight measurement data, making it easy to show your client everything you were able to accomplish.

A Managed Service Built for the Way You Work

Cross Screen Media has everything your agency needs to be successful in today’s complicated CTV landscape. We offer:

  • Scalability to meet the needs of any campaign. 
  • Partners for unparalleled access to data and inventory.
  • Technology that spans targeting, planning, activation and measurement. 
  • Expertise you can trust. 

We’ve made all of the investments so your agency doesn’t have to. 

Proven ROI for Your Agency

Cross Screen Media can fundamentally change the trajectory of your agency’s business by boosting margins, cutting costs, optimizing campaign performance and helping you win new business. 

Here’s how we do it:

Boost your margins on media

When it comes to placing media, the more options you have, the more cost-effectively you can target your audience. With Cross Screen Media’s extensive partner network, you’ll not only have access to more premium ad inventory for less, you’ll also gain the ability to boost reach and frequency through our multiple channel options. Cross Screen Media also offers an agency-friendly pricing model to fit any size agency or campaign. 

Save time, money and resources 

Partnering with Cross Screen Media is the quickest and easiest way to scale your CTV activation without committing resources or taking on undue contractual risks. We instantly expand your team, your technology, and your capabilities with six DSPs and built-in features like audience targeting, 5-second ad verification, cross-screen measurement, and more. 

Retain clients with superior results

With Cross Screen Media’s turn-key planning, activation and measurement solutions, you’ll not only be able to prove your results, you’ll also be able to improve them with every campaign. Cross Screen Media has placed over $1 BILLION in ad spend across 46,000 campaigns for 1,200 brands.

Win more business 

Winning new business is all about setting yourself apart from other agencies and having the data to back up your proposals. Cross Screen Media’s targeting, planning and measurement tools give you the ability to know more about a target audience than your clients and competitors do. All of our analysis and reports are white-labeled and can be dropped right into your existing pitch decks without disrupting any of your current workflows.