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Maximize reach to your true audience at the best rates, no matter how they watch TV.

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Harness the Power of CTV and Local TV

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all media plans.

In seconds, our platform incorporates media consumption insights and evaluates every network to create a localized market-by-market plan to maximize on-target reach for every campaign.

Reach Your True Audience

Move beyond basic demographics.

Our platform includes 70,000+ audience segments that can be activated across Linear and Connected TV. Or seamlessly integrate any first-party audience data you have.

Plan Linear TV With Digital Precision

You need the unparalleled reach of linear TV, but don’t want to settle for imprecise targeting.

We apply a rating against any first or third party audience for local cable networks across the US, so you have every option at your disposal. Confidently deliver the highest return on every media plan.

Build your plan on the effectiveness of video ad buys across different markets and audiences.

ScreenSolve® models screen preference data down to the individual level to reflect the consumption habits of your actual customers with our Audience Builder.

Reach the highest percentage of your target audience, no matter where they consume media, without the traditional pitfall of over-saturating some viewers while missing others entirely.

The self-serve ScreenSolve® platform delivers a comprehensive media plan that maximizes effective impressions, regardless of where they fall across linear, digital, and CTV/OTT. You can instantly run and compare unlimited media plans side-by-side.

Instantly identify the specific networks, programs, and dayparts that will drive the most views at the optimal frequency across your target audience.

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Reach your desired audience across all screens, at the best rates, with the least waste.

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