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Your inventory is valuable. We help you prove it.

Prove Your Reach to Every Audience

Our platform includes 70,000+ audience segments that can be activated across Linear and Connected TV.

In seconds you can highlight your most effective inventory sources for reaching your customer’s target audience to ensure you are a critical part of every campaign.

Standout From Your Competition

Your customers want to know how you stack up when it comes to driving high impact campaigns.

Our platform calculates effective impressions across hundreds of broadcast, cable, and CTV networks so you can decisively showcase the value of your inventory head-to-head with other competitive options.

Know Your True Value

Don’t leave margin on the table by selling your inventory for less than its worth.

ScreenSell leverages comprehensive rate data and audience consumption habits from across the marketplace to continually identify each opportunity to sell at the most favorable rates without pricing yourself out.

Demonstrate the value of your inventory head-to-head against your competition for each of your customers’ target markets and custom audiences.

Highlight the exact programs and dayparts that will drive the most views at the optimal frequency across your customers’ target audience.

The self-serve ScreenSell platform delivers a comprehensive media plan that maximizes effective impressions, regardless of where they fall across linear, digital, and CTV. You can instantly run and compare unlimited media plans side-by-side.

Sell more video inventory at the rates you deserve.

Let us show you how.

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