Activate best-in-class CTV ad buys at scale.

Smart Scaling

We seamlessly plug into yourexisting operations to activate CTVand digital video ads for everybudget and timeline.

Whether you want extra hands for a hyper-local CTV buy, or need capacity to take on broad cross-channel campaigns, we empower you to deliver the best results to your client without the risk and uncertainty of growing your own team.

Powered by Premium Partnerships

The Convergent TV landscape israpidly expanding.

We aggregate and enhance all the data you need from CTV devices, social media, localized screen preference, and more to ensure all decisions are based on the latest pricing, reach, and consumption information. We continually add to the 100+ inventory deals and DSP partnerships in our platform to ensure that you have access to the best options across CTV and digital video for every audience and local market.

Tech-Driven Optimization

You need the unparalleled reachof linear TV, but don’t want tosettle for imprecise targeting.

Our team of experts leverages our proprietary media optimization platform and comprehensive data partnership network to rapidly deliver CTV ad campaigns that effectively reach the highest possible percentage of your target audience, regardless of where they consume media.

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