YouTube Takes New Aim at TV Advertising Budgets

Big news: YouTube continues its assault on the video advertising budget with the launch of ads inside YouTube TV.

What is YouTube TV? YouTube TV is live TV (ESPN, NBC, Fox News, etc) delivered entirely through an app over the internet. This is a replacement for the video service part of your cable bill (aka pay-TV).

How many people have signed up? ≈ 300K by the end of 2017.

Daily hours of YouTube watched on connected TV:
1) 2017–100M
2) 2018–150M (↑ 50%)

Quick math on ad $ opportunity:
1) 2
minutes/hour of ad time
2) 4 30s spots per hour
3) $25 CPM
4) $0.10
per hour of viewing
5) 150M hours of viewing on connected TV
6) $15M per day in ad revenue
7) $450M per month

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More #3: Twitter says more than half of its business is video — what does that mean?


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