Netflix Vs. YouTube

YouTube Now Makes More Money Than Netflix

Youtube on Mobile Device Screen

YouTube advertising revenue (YoY growth):
1) 2017 – $8.2B
2) 2018 – $11.2B (↑ 37%)
3) 2019 – $15.1B (↑ 36%)
4) 2020 – $19.8B (↑ 31%)

Big question: What is driving YouTube’s ad growth?

Quick answer: CTV.

Daily CTV hours watched on YouTube, according to Tubefilter:
1) 2019 – 250M
2) 2020 – 450M (↑ 80%)

Interesting: YouTube ad revenue is now larger than Netflix subscription revenue.

Youtube Ad Revenues Only vs Netflix total Revenues Graph (in millions USD)

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