YouTube Alters Partner Program Eligibility, Vows All Google Preferred Videos Will Be Human-Verified

Big changes are coming to the Google Preferred ad program.

What is Google Preferred? This is a YouTube program that provides advertisers with the opportunity to buy advertising on the most popular 5% of videos.

Every video that qualifies for the program will be reviewed by a human.

This review process is a massive undertaking and is a primary driver for Google’s promise to hire 10,000 people to review/remove content.

This is a positive for advertisers since it should alleviate concerns about having your message next to objectionable content on YouTube.

This is a positive for Google since it should stabilize/increase CPMs as more advertisings keep YouTube in the media plan.

1) Google tightens YouTube rules to clean things up for advertisers

2) Facebook chooses friends over publishers

3) Facebook’s Ad Business May Power Through News Feed Change


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