With This New Deal, More Targeted Ads Are Coming to Your TV

Big news #1: Advanced TV buying should get a boost from the announcement that NCC Media will launch a new divisionfocused on targeted advertising.

Pay-TV providers involved w/ # of subscribers:
Comcast — 21.3M
Charter — 16.5M
Cox — 6M

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Big news #2: Altice announced the formation of an advanced TV business called A4 which already employs 500 people.

A4 was created from the following acquisitions:
1) Audience Partners
2) Cablevision
3) Placed
4) Teads

Big news #3: Nielsen re-launched its viewership analytics platform (Grabix) last week which is integrating smart-TV data from Gracenote.

They will offer minute-by-minute analysis from 400 stations spread across 56 markets.

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