With Snapchat’s new 5-minute shows, it’s starting to look a lot like a TV network

Snapchat is working with networks like NBC, ESPN, Turner and A&E on “Snapchat Shows,” which are 3–5 minutes in length.

Revenue will be generated through advertising and split 50–50 with the content creator.

Each episode will contain three 10-second ads.

How does this ad load compare to TV?
1) Snapchat — 3 minutes of content + 30 seconds of ads → 14% of time w/ ads
2) Television — 44 minutes of content + 16 minutes of ads → 26% of time w/ ads

Every hour of video viewing on Snapchat will deliver less than 9 minutes of ads or 53% of the ad load of television.

Content from premium partners combined with original shows (Good Luck America, etc.) could provide Snapchat with a competitive enough offering to claim more screen time.
1) Good Luck America — 5.2m viewers per episode
2) E! News: The Rundown — 7m viewers per episode

NBC News has also signed up to produce the first daily news show for Snapchat.


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