With $35M In Investments, TUBI TV Has Established Itself As A Leading Free Streaming Service

What is Tubi? Tubi is an ad-supported streaming network with 7,500 TV shows and movies. Think a free Netflix supported by ads.

Tubi runs 4–5 video ads every 30 minutes or roughly 9 minutes per hour.

TV ad loads are 16+ minutes/hour, so this would be 56% of theTV ad load.

If we assume a $25/CPM, then Tubi is generating $0.45/hour/user.

A few months ago we ran a similar estimate for Netflix.

If we assumed a 16-minute ad load per hour (similar to TV), then each Netflix customer could potentially receive 48 30-second spots per day or 336 per week.

At a $25/CPM that would generate $1.20 in ad revenue per user/day or $37.20 per month.

The most expensive Netflix plan is currently $11.99 per month.

More. Facebook says people are OK with video ads that interrupt content, as long as they are short

70% watch Facebook midroll ads to completion.

The chart below shows the differences in completion rates for video ads on various platforms.


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