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Will Many Saints of Newark Drive Many More Subscribers?

Big news: The much-anticipated prequel movie to The Sopranos is out in theaters and on HBO Max.

Flashback: HBO Max Puts “Home Box Office” To The Test

Why this matters: Michael Gandolfini, son of James Gandolfini (original Tony Soprano), will be playing a younger Tony Soprano. James Gandolfini died of a heart attack in 2013 when Michael was 14 years old.

Video #1: The Many Saints of Newark – Official Trailer

Key details for The Sopranos:
1) Premiered in 1999
2) 6 seasons
3) 86 episodes

Average viewership (YoY growth) for The Sopranos according to Nielsen:
1) S1 – 3.5M
2) S2 – 6.6M (↑ 91%)
3) S3 – 8.9M (↑ 34%)
4) S4 – 11.1M (↑ 24%)
5) S5 – 9.8M (↓ 11%)
6) S6 (part 1) – 8.6M (↓ 12%)
7) S6 (part 2) – 8.2M (↓ 4%)

Interesting: The New York Times takes a deep dive into what David Chase saw in 1990s America that seems so prescient today.

Fun: The Ringer ranks all 86 episodes.  Spoiler alert: Long Term Parking is #1 (and for good reason).

Video #2: ‘Many Saints of Newark’ Director Gives His Opinion on ‘The Sopranos’ Final Scene

More: How Do You Follow The Sopranos?


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