Why Selling OTT Bundles Should Be The MVPDs Next Move

Should current Pay TV providers start bundling streaming services and apps into their offering?

The majority of profit for Pay TV providers comes from selling broadband rather than the actual pay TV service.

If companies like Disney are going to sell direct-to-consumer, then why wouldn’t pay TV providers offer bundles that are focused more on streaming?

Quote from Alan Wolk — Editor @ TVREV.
“But the MVPDs could offer something more, something beyond a single bill: a program guide. Time and again, the one thing I hear cord cutters say is they wish there was a better way to organize all their programs. So that if they wanted to watch the Pacers play the Lakers, they could easily find out if it was on the ESPN app, the TNT app, or somewhere else. Or, given the amount of peak TV, if they’d heard that Sneaky Pete was a great show, they’d be able to find out that it was on Amazon without having to resort to Google.”

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