Why NBC’s ‘The Office’ takeback could be the beginning of consumer chaos

NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming service will be the exclusive home for The Office when it launches in January 2021.

Final offers for annual streaming rights to The Office:
1) NBCUniversal – $100M
2) Netflix – $90M

What does this mean for Netflix?  Not much.  The Office has been a popular show for Netflix since 2011 but should have little impact on subscriber growth.


What does this mean for NBCUniversal? TBD whether this will drive streaming subscriptions since consumers are starting to hit a ceiling.  We believe that the market for ad-supported streaming is growing under the radar and could be a major revenue driver for NBCUniversal.

💰Quote from Scott Porch – Writer @ Decider:
“The Office is regarded as one of the most popular shows on Netflix, but that’s a bit like deeming cottage cheese one of the most popular items on Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar. It’s popular, sure, but it’s not the reason you’re there.”

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