Video Ad Fraud Plummets, Ad Tech ‘Vigilance’ Cited

The big news: The quality of video advertising is improving.

Video metrics 2017 vs. 2016 (% change):
Bot traffic — 6% vs. 9% (↓ 31%)
2) Viewability — 60% vs. 54% (↑ 11%)
3) Ad completion rate — 70% vs. 67% (↑ 5%)

Why this is happening: Advertisers are planning their video buys with more sophisticated analytics around video quality which is driving budget to higher performing publishers.

Flashback: Brands With Their Own Viewability Standards Are Causing Headaches for the Ad-Tech Industry

Quote from John Murphy — Head of Marketplace Quality @ OpenX:
“There’s enough interest among brands and agencies in tweaking the standard that it would behoove the MRC to take another look at the definition… I would certainly encourage the MRC to do a reset and take another look given where the industry is now versus where they were when the definition was originally established.”

Video ad completion rate by device:
1) Desktop — 65%
2) Mobile — 64%
3) Tablet — 68%

4) Connected TV — 94%

Share of video ad impressions by device:

1) Desktop — 32%
2) Mobile — 34%
3) Tablet — 15%

4) Connected TV — 16%
Other — 3%

More: New Viewability Standards May Give Extra Credit To Ads That Play Longer


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