Verizon Expands Deal for NBA Games

Verizon has agreed to pay ≈ $400M per year for the rights to1,100 regular season games through NBA “League Pass”.

The deal will also include:
1) Content creation
2) Virtual reality
3) Augmented reality

NBA ratings are up 21% compared to last season.

Flashback. In New NFL Deal, Verizon Trades Mobile Exclusivity for Rights on Yahoo

More. Cubs likely to start own media network after 2019 season

Flashback. The Dodgers Are on a Roll but Fans Remain in theDark Amid Cable-TV Dispute

The Dodgers are guaranteed $8.35b over 25 years from Time Warner (now Charter Communications).

That breaks down to an average of $334m/year!

In order to break even, the Network needs to make $1,988 from every pay-TV subscriber in the region or an average of $80/year.


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