TV Advertising Has A Marketing Problem

Excellent commentary from Dave Morgan on the differences between the perceived and actual challenges facing TV advertising.

Interesting stat. There are more minutes of video advertising delivered daily from TV during Judge Judy than all of YouTube across all of America every day.

The math. Judge Judy has roughly 10M average viewers watching 8 minutes of ads every day. That is 80M minutes of advertising every day from a single 30-minute show!

No broadband. There are 90M people that have zero home broadband internet access and are unable to receive digital video advertising.

% of homes without broadband according to Pew:
1) 18–29: 23%
2) 30–49: 19%
3) 50–64: 25%
65+: 49%

The answer. TV may have the scale and digital may have the growth, but smart brands are planning/buying these together and taking advantage of the strengths of each.

Local video advertising is projected to increase to $37B by 2022.

Local video ad spend in 2022 (% of total):
1) Television: $29.8B (80%)
2) Digital: $5.3B (14%)
3) Other: $2.0B (6%)

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