Tubi Tops 20M Monthly Viewers In AVOD Race For Audience, Ads

Big news: Tubi has passed 20M monthly viewers for its ad-supported streaming service.

What is Tubi? Tubi is an ad-supported streaming network with 15K+ TV shows and movies sourced through 200+licensing partners. Think a free Netflix supported by ads.

Quick math on user engagement for Tubi:
1) 20M monthly viewers
2) 94M hours of content consumed in May
3) 44K hours of content
4) 4.7 hours/month/viewer
5) 2,200 views/month for the average piece of content

Quick math on advertising model for Tubi:
1) 10 ads per hour
2) $25 CPM
3) $0.25 per user/hour
4) 94M hours/month
5) $23.5M in revenue/month
6) $1.18 in revenue/user/month

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