Tribune TV Ad Sales Open 24/7 With WideOrbit

Big news: Tribune is launching an automated ad sales operation (programmatic) that is open 24/7 and powered by WideOrbit.

Tribune reach:
Stations — 42
Households — 50M

Programmatic currently accounts for less than 3% of TV ad spend.

Flashback #1: Programmatic TV Player WideOrbit Now On 1,000+ TV Stations

Key stats for coverage:
1) Markets — 181 (including top 50)
2) Reach — 96% of U.S. households

Quote from Nick Waller — EVP and Co-COO @ Gray Television.
“It’s a tipping point for the local TV industry to have the vast majority of stations now offering inventory with programmatic platforms. We are optimistic that achieving critical mass will make our inventory more attractive to agencies looking for an efficient way to purchase broadcast TV at scale and to advertisers that want to supplement digital media campaigns with TV’s superior reach and impact.”

Flashback #2: Analyst Doubles Down on Advanced TV Advertising

Quote from Omar Sheikh — Analyst @ Credit Suisse.
“Investors continue to regard U.S TV advertising as a structurally declining business, driven by erosion in viewing and competition from the growing reach of digital platforms,” Sheikh said. “In our view, if the TV industry can combine its reach with greater relevance by using technology to improve targeting, the medium will be well-placed to grow its share of the marketing mix over time. This will particularly be driven by below-the-line items, including direct mail and telephone marketing, which account for more than $100 billion of spend today.”

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