The World Series and its ads shows why advertisers still love TV

Interesting data on World Series advertising provided by

How do they measure TV advertising? has a panel consisting of 7.3m smart TVs.

Massive scale. Each game generated an average of 1b ad impressions.

High attention. The average viewer is watching 86% of the ads.

Other key findings:
1) 101 advertisers
2) 226 creatives
3) 601 spots
4) 2.2 creatives/advertiser
5) 2.7 spots/creative
6) 5.9 spots/advertiser

More on this topic. World Series Ratings Decrease Slightly From 2016

TV ratings by year:
1) 2016: 23.4m
2) 2017: 18.9m (↓ 19%)

Streaming vs. TV:
1) Streaming + TV: 19.6m
2) Streaming only: 183k (1% of total)

Unique viewers for any game:
1) 2016: 115m
2) 2017: 106m (↓ 8%)


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