The Veni, Vidi, Vici of Voice

Explosive growth: More people listen to podcasts on a monthly basis (70M+) than use Twitter.

Ad revenue likely surpassed $220M in 2017.

Some podcasts are commanding $30/CPMs for audio ads which are higher than the average for digital video.

Flashback: IAB Podcast Ad Revenue Study: An Analysis of the Largest Players in the Podcasting Industry

Podcasting advertising revenue (% change):
1) 2015: $69M
2) 2016: $119M (↑ 72%)
3) 2017: $220M (↑ 85%)

More: Alexa, Say What?! Voice-Enabled Speaker Usage to Grow Nearly 130% This Year

36M Americans will use a voice-enabled speaker this year!

Top platforms by market share:
1) Amazon Echo — 70.6%
2) Google Home — 23.8%
3) Other — 5.6%

1/5 of the American population use a voice-enabled digital assistant at least once per month.


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