The Second Annual Podcast Revenue Study by IAB and PwC: An Analysis of the Largest Players in the…

The IAB and PwC have released an update to their ad revenue forecast for podcasting.

Revenue forecast for 2017 (% growth YoY):
1) Old forecast — $220M (↑ 85%)
2) New forecast — $257M (↑ 117%)

Flashback #1: The Veni, Vidi, Vici of Voice

Flashback #2: The Podcasting Ad Opportunity Is Increasing — And So Are Its Growing Pains

Key numbers from Nielsen study:
1) 57% of podcast ads outperform video ads with intent to purchase
2) 70% of survey respondents said that podcast ads increased brand awareness

More #1: Google should give away a free Home smart speaker to every US household, Morgan Stanley suggests

More #2: Podcasting keeps inching toward measurement standard, but is reluctant to deal with the short-term pain


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