The One Big Reason Why BuzzFeed Needs to Break Into TV

Buzzfeed is valued at $1.7b.

That would buy the Washington Post 7 times!

Projected revenue in 2016–17:
1) 2016: $260m
2) 2017: $350m

BuzzFeed’s Hollywood operation produces 600 pieces of content, including videos and illustrations, per day.

Typical cost for Buzzfeed/NBC reality show:
1) Half-hour: $350k
2) Full-hour: $500k

Quote from Rick Rosen — Head of Television @ WME.
“Right now, it’s clear that content doesn’t need to be on traditional TV for young people to consider it television; if it’s good, they’ll watch whatever, wherever. They don’t care if it’s on Netflix, HBO, or YouTube,”


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