The Nielsen Local Watch Report 2018-Q2

Worth the time: Nielsen has an excellent deep dive on the growing over-the-air (antenna) trend.

A quick refresher on the jargon:
1) SVOD = Streaming video on demand — This is a monthly package such as Netflix that provides streaming access to video content on-demand.
2) vMVPD = Virtual multichannel video programming distributor — This is pay-TV (cable TV, etc.) delivered through streaming and contains access to live TV along with on-demand content.

Over-the-air homes by streaming status (% of total TV HH):
1) No SVOD — 7M (6%)
2) SVOD only — 8M (7%)
3) SVOD + vMVPD — 1M (1%)
4) Total over-the-air — 16M (14%)

Why this matters: Not every over-the-air household is the same. For example, someone can subscribe to a service like Sling TV and get their local broadcast channels through the antenna. The data from Nielsen also shows significant differences in the audience characteristics between these groups.

Daily time with video by group:
1) No SVOD — 6h 3m
Total U.S. — 5h 27m
3) Over-the-air — 4h 48m
4) Over-the-air + SVOD — 3h 47m

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