The Data-Driven Marketing Revolution Will Be Televised

Adoption for addressable TV:
Fully using — 15%
Experimenting or not using — 85%

Adoption for advanced TV:
Fully using — 17%
Experimenting or not using — 83%

Huge opportunity: 83–85% of advertisers have not yet integrated either addressable TV or advanced TV into their ad plans.

Quote from Jim Nail — Principal Analyst @ Forrester:
“Your consumers have no problem switching between linear and digital (or using both at the same time). To keep up with their accelerating shift to an omnichannel video lifestyle, it’s time for your brand to develop an omnichannel video strategy.”

Addressable impressions through video on demand (VOD)(% increase):
1) 2014–6.3B
2) 2015–11.8B (↑ 87%)
3) 2016–17.9B (↑ 52%)
4) 2017–23.3B (↑ 30%)

Type of impressions for VOD:
1) Mid-roll — 76%
2) post-roll — 13%
3) Pre-roll — 11%

Quick math:
1) 36M households (HH) fall inside the Canoe footprint (Comcast, Cox and Charter Spectrum)
2) 23.3B impressions served in 2017
3) 647 impressions/HH
4) Assuming $50 CPM
5) $1.2B in total ad spend
6) $32 in ad spend per HH

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