The anti-Netflix: Free, ad-supported video streaming services are growing

Ad-supported video streaming is having its moment as consumers are potentially reaching a limit on the number of video subscriptions.

Quote from Colin Petrie-Norris– CEO @ Xumo:
“Once you’ve signed up for Netflix and Amazon and Hulu, you’re more than $30 deep…Price-sensitive consumers are seeing [free video streaming services] as viable alternatives or complements to paid services — that’s probably the biggest factor.”

Connected TV users by year (% growth) according to eMarketer:
1) 2017–168.1M (↑ 10%)
2) 2018–181.5M (↑ 8%)
3) 2019–188.1M (↑ 4%)
4) 2020–191.6M (↑ 2%)
5) 2021–194.4M (↑ 2%)

How do you know that this is a big market? Amazon is moving in!

More #1: Amazon has discussed building its own advertising technology for OTT TV — and it would put it in competition with Comcast and Google

More #2: Majority of premium digital video ads being delivered to TV screens now, study says

More #3: Google may have pulled off a TV ad-tech coup just as Comcast and Disney were duking it out over Fox and Sky


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