The 25 Best Ads of 2017 (So Far)

AdWeek breaks down the top 25 ads so far this year.

12 of the 25 are video w/ format and length:
The New York Times, “The Truth Is Hard to Find” — horizontal / 1m 6s
2) The Atlantic, “Am I Typecast?” — horizontal / 2m 51s
3) 84 Lumber, “The Journey” — horizontal / 5m 45s
4) Samsung, “Ostrich” — horizontal / 1m 50s
5) Coca-Cola, “Pool Boy” — horizontal / 1m 1s
6) Volvo, “Moments” — horizontal / 3m 11s
7) Apple, “Earth (Shot on iPhone)” — horizontal / 1m 1s
8) Nespresso, “Comin’ Home” — horizontal / 1m 1s
9) Hornbach, “Regret Nothing” — horizontal / 1m 7s
10) Jose Cuervo “Last Days” — horizontal / 2m 1s
11) PlayStation, “Gravity Cat” — horizontal/ 4m 18s
12) Connect Internet, “Ice Bucket Challenge” — horizontal / 46s

A few questions to ask while watching some of the best examples of storytelling in advertisng:
How many of these stories fit into a 15s, 30s or 60s?
2) How many of these stories were shot and/or would be a good fit for mobile video (vertical, etc.)?


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