Streaming Is Way Up For NFL This Season

NFL viewership is up 1% through four weeks compared to last season primarily driven by the growth in streaming.

YoY growth for NFL game streaming:
1) All streaming — ↑ 65%
2) Mobile — ↑ 147%
3) Connected-TV — ↑ 54%

BTW: The top 15 shows on TV in September were all NFL games!

What is different this year? This is the first time that all primetime games and Sunday afternoon local games can be streamed without either a) a Verizon subscription or b) a pay-TV account.

NFL viewership is still dominated by linear TV viewing compared to other programming types.

% of viewers from streaming:
1) Super Bowl (2018) — 2%
NFL regular season (2018) — 2%
3) Game of Thrones — 27%

326K viewers on average have streamed each NFL game this season and the most-streamed game is Vikings-Rams with an average minute audience of 816K (31% of 2018 Super Bowl streaming).

Quote from Kevin LaForce — VP, Media Strategy @ National Football League:
“There are younger people who have grown up with digital devices. They reach for digital first. This helps connect us with them.”

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