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For Brands

You have a story to share. We make sure your audience sees it.

Your audience watches cable TV on smartphones, trending videos on the big screen, and streaming content on tablets. But the increasingly complex ecosystem doesn’t change your objective as a brand marketer: share your compelling message with the right people to reach your goals. Advertisers leverage our suite of solutions to make sure that every ad dollar is effectively working towards that objective.

Confidently plan and activate your TV campaigns against the audience segments most likely to transact. Then turn those campaign results into recommendations so additional spend becomes incremental impact.

Our end-to-end suite of solutions are designed to help brands share the message they want, and get the campaign results they need.

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ScreenSolve breaks down cross-channel siloes to deliver an actionable local media plan built to optimize reach and frequency for your desired audience across Connected TV and linear TV, at the best rates, with the least waste. Simply select your desired audience, timing, and budget — we’ll do the rest.

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Scale your CTV campaigns with all the benefits and none of the risk. Our on-demand team specializes in planning, buying, and continually optimizing CTV campaigns. We leverage our proprietary ScreenSolve technology and comprehensive data partnership network to maximize reach against any audience.

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Bring your cross-screen campaigns into focus. ScreenImpact aggregates extensive data sets and applies machine learning to give you a single view of de-duplicated reach and frequency across all screens, down to the hyper-local level. Get results in near-real time and make mid-flight improvements to maximize campaign impact.

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