Six-Second Commercials Are Coming to N.F.L. Games on Fox

Fox is going to start testing 6-second ads during upcoming NFL games and the World Series.

These 6-second spots could cost as much as $200k each or $33k per second.

% of National TV ads that were 15s:
1) 2014–29%
2) 2017–36%

Quote from Eric Shanks — President @ Fox Sports.
“So, for example, if a pitching coach comes to the mound just to have a conversation and you know that conversation is going to last 30 seconds, is a six-second unit in there going to add to the experience and then be able to decrease the amount of ad inventory somewhere else?”

Short attention spans. Facebook recently said that the average view time on a video in the News Feed was 5.7s.

Scroll down to the bottom of the article for an example of how these ads were tested recently during the Teen Choice Awards.


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