‘Seinfeld,’ Shrinkage And The Rising Cost Of TV Viewers

Twenty years ago Seinfeld had both the highest ratings and advertising cost on TV.

The highest rated TV program in 2017 is Sunday Night Football.

Comparison by viewers (18–49):
1) Seinfeld (1997): 22m
2) Sunday Night Football (2017): 9m (↓ 58%)

Comparison of ad cost (in 2017 dollars):
1) Seinfeld (1997): $877k
2) Sunday Night Football (2017): $700k (↓ 20%)

If an advertiser purchased space on the most popular program on TV in 2017, then they would be paying 92% more to reach a single household than they did in 1997 (in 2017 $).

Increase in CPM $ between 1997 and 2018 (in 2017 dollars):
1) Primetime: ↑ 152%
Football: ↑ 53%

The cost to reach a single household with an ad on primetime has grown at 3X the rate versus football since 1997.

The top 10 programs by ad cost:

Check out my tweetstorm for more on this.

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