Samsung DSP

Samsung Serves Up New DSP

Big news: Samsung is launching a self-serve media buying platform (DSP).

Why this matters #1: Samsung has ≈ 50M smart TVs and accounts for 60% of the automatic content recognition (ACR) footprint in the US.  It is hard to believe, but they are flying under the radar compared to other players (Roku, etc.) in the smart TV wars.

Flashback: The Smart TV Wars Heat Up

Quote from David Campanelli – Chief Investment Officer @ Horizon Media:
“In not too many years, it will be the primary way viewers receive their premium video”

Why this matters #2: The connected-TV ad market is the future of the TV ad market.  All of the players see this, reflected in recent news (Peacock vs. Roku, etc.).

Connected TV ad spend (YoY growth) according to eMarketer:
2017 – $3B
2) 2018 – $4B (↑ 65%)
3) 2019 – $6B (↑ 47%)
4) 2020P – $8B (↑ 25%)
5) 2021P – $11B (↑ 42%)
6) 2022P – $14B (↑ 20%)
7) 2023P – $16B (↑ 14%)
8) 2024P – $17B (↑ 10%)

Podcast: What Is Connected TV, and What Is Driving Its Growth?


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