New WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar Wants to Help the AT&T Division “Lean Into the Future”

Big news: AT&T tapped former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar to be CEO of WarnerMedia.

Quote from Eunice Shin –Partner @ Prophet:
“What’s really interesting to me is [AT&T president and COO] John Stankey put someone from the tech world at the helm of a traditional entertainment company. That’s a big statement on where the focus of the company needs to be and in a positive way,”

Key details for Jason Kilar:
1) 48 years old
2) CEO @ Hulu (2008-13)
3) Launched Vessel in 2014 (later sold to Verizon in 2016)

Quote from Jason Kilar – CEO @ WarnerMedia:
“For me, this is more about what the next 10 years looks like, as opposed to what the last 85 years have looked like…I actually believe this isn’t about WarnerMedia; it’s as much about Disney and NBCUniversal and others. I actually think these companies are going to look so different within the next decade out of necessity and out of opportunity.”

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