New research: the six-second ad experience

Excellent data from FreeWheel on the impact of 6s ads compared to 15s and 30s.

Key finding #1: If you can only run one ad type, then choose the 15s since it was close to 2X more impactful than the 6s or 30s by themselves.

Key finding #2: 6s ads performed the best when they were reinforcing a message from an earlier 15s or 30s.

Pandora recently ran a study on the impact of increased ad load and time spent on the application.

Key finding: 1 additional ad per hour led to a 2% decrease in listening time.

Quote from Rich Greenfield — Managing Director @ BTIG:
“Culturally, we’re moving in the direction of no ads, or at least ad-lite, and it’s a real problem for everyone whose business models are built around advertising… Our tolerance for our time being ‘wasted’ by untargeted, annoying ads is dropping rapidly because we’re getting more and more options that are ad-lite.”


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