NBCU’s Peacock Marks Media’s Latest Try to Connect Consumers, Commercials

Peacock is launching w/ three pricing tiers according to Variety:
1) Free – Ad-supported w/ limited programming
2) Premium ($5) – Ad-supported w/ access to a larger content library
3) Premium + Ad-Free ($10) – Full access to programming (600 movies + 400 TV series)

Peacock launch details according to Axios:
Xfinity customers – April 15th
2) National launch – July 15th

Ad minutes per hour, according to NBCUniversal:
Linear TV – 16-20
Digital video – 8
Peacock – 5

Quick math on the advertising model for Peacock:
Ad minutes/hour – 5
30s spots/hour – 10
3) Ad revenue/user/month – ≈ $5.20 (see below)
3) CPM $ –  $30
4) $/spot – $0.03
5) Spots/month – 173
6) The service hits the revenue target at 17 hours/viewer/month

Quote from Linda Yaccarino – Chairman of Advertising & Partnerships @ NBCUniversal:
“With Peacock, we’re giving consumers the free service they want and advertisers the reach and scale they desperately need—this is the best thing to happen to everyone’s screens in a long time…Peacock marks a doubling-down on the ad-supported ecosystem, and the next phase of NBCUniversal’s One Platform offering.”

Flashback: Comcast to Spend $2 Billion on NBCU’s Peacock Streaming Service in First Two Years

Peacock financial estimates by 2024:
1) Accounts – 30-35M
2) Monthly revenue/user – $6-$7
3) Total revenue –  $2.5B

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