NBCU Cuts Ad Time in Original Prime-time Shows by 10%

NBCUniversal is joining other networks in reducing overall ad load.

Planned changes in prime-time:
1) Ad break length — ↓ 20%
2) Total ad time — ↓ 10%

New ad format. They are adding a new 60s ad during the first and last break.

Why are they doing this? The hope is that reducing overall ad time will increase ad effectiveness and allow them to charge a higher rate for a reduced number of spots.

Flashback. AMC Will Place a 6-Second Ad at the Start of Each Walking Dead Episode

More. Scroll Signs On Publishers for Service That Will Curb Their Ad

What is Scroll? Scroll wants to be the Netflix of written content. You pay $5/month to get ad-free versions of participating sites.

70% of the revenue ($3.50/month) goes to publishers.


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