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More Advertisers Using Video In Digital Campaigns

59% of digital ad spend is now going to video.

% of digital ad spend going to video:
1) 2016–53%
2) 2017–55%
3) 2018–59%

How big is the market? The U.S. video ad market is estimated at $88B for 2018.

Video ad spend by year (digital %):
1) 2018 — $87.7B (20%)
2) 2019 — $90.4B (23%)
3) 2020 — $93.8B (26%)
4) 2021 — $95.8B (28%)
5) 2022 — $97.7B (30%)

Cross screen buys are coming here: 73% of agencies/brands in the survey are currently buying digital video and linear television ads inside a single team.

40% of ad budgets are going to cross screen video buys.

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