Midterms To Set Ad Spending Record, New Guerrilla Tactics Too

Borrell Associates recently released updated projections for political spend in 2018.

Top platforms for $8.5B local spend (% of total):
1) Broadcast TV: $3.4B (40%)
2) Digital: $1.9B (22%)
3) Cable TV: $994M (12%)
4) Radio: $564M (7%)
5) Newspapers: $553M (7%)
6) Telemarketing: $481M (6%)
7) Out-of-home: $317M (3%)

TV vs. Digital only (% of total):
1) Broadcast/Cable TV: $4.4B (70%)
2) Digital: $1.9B (30%)

NOTE: The digital number includes all costs (fundraising, list building, etc.) beyond just digital video.

Digital spend in politics has grown 135X since 2010!

More. Kantar: Stations To See $2.4B Political In ‘18


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