Like most media, podcasting is pivoting to paid (with complications)

Podcasting is going through a similar cycle as streaming video where a big question is will future revenue be driven more by advertising or subscriptions?

Podcast advertising revenue per year according to PwC (YoY growth):
1) 2017 — $314M
2) 2018P — $402M (↑ 28%)
3) 2019P — $515M (↑ 28%)
4) 2020P — $659M (↑ 28%)
5) 2021P — $766M (↑ 16%)
6) 2022P — $887M (↑ 16%)

Quick math on the total size of the podcast universe:
1) 578K total series
2) 12.4M total episodes
3) 21.5 episodes/series

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