Baby Shark Youtube

Kid’s Programming Goes Way Beyond Childs’ Play

What Tiny Screens is reading watching: Baby Shark Dance is now the most-watched YouTube video ever with 7.1B views!

Video: Baby Shark Dance

Flashback: ‘Sesame Street’ Moves to HBO Max in Five-Season Deal

FYI: Sesame Street is socially distancing…

Big question: How has kids’ screen time changed during COVID-19?

Quick answer: Quite a bit.

Weekly increase in kids screen time during COVID-19 according to eMarketer:
1) 6-10 hours – 37%
2) 1-5 hours – 24%
3) 11-15 hours – 23%
4) 16-20 hours – 7%
5) 20+ hours – 5%
6) 0 hours – 4%

More: How 2020 rocked the gentle world of children’s TV like never before


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