It’s Netflix’s World, Disney Just Lives in It

Wow: Netflix currently has a valuation higher than either Disney or Comcast!

Current valuation as of 6/3:
Netflix — $157B
Disney — $148B
Comcast — $144B

Quote from Tara Lachapelle– Columnist @ Bloomberg:
“While you were consumed by Roseanne’s tweets and the ensuing backlash, something bigger happened in Hollywood this week. Netflix Inc. firmly established itself as the world’s most valuable media company.

Let that sink in: An 11-year-old app that charges $11 a month is worth more to investors than the legacy conglomerates that earn billions more from TV advertising, box-office hits and cable and internet packages.”

Netflix stock is up 70% since January!

Global subscribers:
1) Netflix — 125M
2) Comcast — 22M

Not apples to apples: Comcast does have a far more diverse business with broadband and owning NBCUniversal along with potentially Fox’s movie and TV studio business. Either way Wall Street is placing a big bet on streaming and Netflix is the leader in that area.

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